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The Chakras and Cleansing


Charkras are your psychic organs.

They intake all of the essential energies for your emotional, physical and spiritual heatlh. Each Chakra has its own unique purpose and focus. This allows specific categoriztions of your psychic perception.


In this article I will provide a brief describtion of all the chakras and the position and purpose. At the end I will provide a cleansing exercise so that you can cleanse your chakras. Eventually you will be able to explore and understand yourself better.


The word Chakra is a sanskrit word meaning "cyclone". This fits the word because the chakra centers are often seen as swirling cones of energy. They can also be seen as discs, colors, cylinders, and flowers. Your only link to see, feel, or hear these magnificent centers is through meditation. Meditation can do a number of things from envisioning your past lives you helping to heal loved ones.


The Major Chakras

There are seven major chakras along your spine, as well as the lesser known chakras of your hands and feet. There are actually thousands of chakra's both inside and outside of your body. We will begin with the lesser known Chakras and continue through all the major chakras of the spine and head.


The Foot Chakra

The foot chakra opens you to the earths energy. They are located on the arch of each foot. They are seen as swirled cones of energy facing downward.

In the past, to meditate you had to sit in Lotus Position. This position is very uncomfortable and does not promote peace of mind, making it very difficult to meditate. Now, because of those foot chakras, it is recommended to have your feet on the ground and your spine straight. This promotes each meditation, add power and allows access to walk around in the world while running powerful psychic energies.


The Hand Chakras:

There are so many chakras in the hands. They are swirling cones of energy stemming from the palms of the hands outward. They are used for healing, recieving, expressing and creating.


The First Chakra:


Your First Chakra, your survival chakra, supplies your physical needs and feelings of security. The charkra is placed at the base of the spine for men and the ovaries for women. Imagine them as to swirling cones back to back. This chakra lets you align yourself with the earth and her energies, also called grounding. With that energy you send a personally frequency. This frequency provides the mechanism through which your hopes, dreams, and desires can be stemmed. (Both conscience and sub-conscience)



The Second Chakra:

You can imagine your Second Chakra as two cones of swirling energy, back to back and joined at the spine, three fingers below your navel. This chakra provides access to the sexual energy. The second chakra is normally problematic for psychics. Because this chakra is the one used for feeling someone else's energy. It gets complicated when one energy combines with another. So you have to make sure that you are sheilded and their energy is staying with that person. This could become very unhealthy and may cause sickness without proper control and knowing what you may absorb. Once you get to know your energy you can tell all energy that is not yours. Soon you will find that you can replenish or protect your aura and energy with the help of this method.




The Third Chakra:

Your Third Chakra is located at the solar plexus. Again the swirling cones are back to back. This chakra controls your ego and power. You can look to this chakra for a more refined search of yourself. It is also the psychic energy pump. It acts as a "heart" getting energies to there proper places and keeping the charkas well supplied and healthy. This chakra is most abused. When we try to control life, power, ego and pride, this puts stress on this chakra.


The Fourth Chakra:

There are lots of chakras in the chest area. In the bunch we find the fourth chakra in the center of the chest. Again the two swirling cones are present. This is the Chakra of Love. This chakra lets you engage with the community and relationships. It is also where your spirit connects to your body.


The Fifth Chakra:

Your fifth chakra is located at the notch of the throat, at the base of the neck. It appears as the others do cones and all. This chakra facilitates telepathy and communications. It has a higher frequency and creativity. This chakra also lets you explore your ever growing self.


The Sixth Chakra:

The Sixth Chakra is complex. It is located in the center of your head, just below or upon the Pituitary Gland. The vision of this chakra may or may not be cones. This chakra can appear in many forms. That form depends on the person. But for this example, we will picture the cones, like the others. This is the famous "Third Eye". This third eye handles clairvoyance, thinking, ability to visualize, and your belief system.


The Seventh Chakra:

Last but not least, the seventh chakra. This is also called the Crown Chakra. It is located at the top, or crown, of the head. This chakra has a single swirling cone pointed to the sky. This is where your entire being comes together. This includes the gift of creation, preservation, and destruction. Here rapid intake of experiences are the norm. So it then supplies intuition and knowingness. You receive Golden energy from the sun through this chakra. This is called Cosmic Energy.


Taking Care

Now that I have shown you larger chakras, lets take care of them. Just like any other body part chakras need to be cleaned and unblocked. Your awarness will be greatly enhanced by cleaning and removing all the dirt and grive from your busy day before. This exercise begins by bringing the awareness to the center of your head. (Also called centering) At this time will ground (running earth energy from the earth core and letting it cycle), and owning the room (setting your own frequency through the room)


Getting Started

Starting at your foot chakras, and moving up one by one, up your chakras. Now you need to find the frequency of each chakra, each should get to be a pitch higher as you move up. Depending on the chakra that you are working with, bring a ball of earth energy or cosmic energy into the chakra. (Cosmic energy is used through the crown chakra to clean and unblockthe fifth and sixth chakra) With a pair of "imaginary hands", gently open and clean each chakra. Bring fresh energy through the chakra then close it to the percentage recommended. (80% for the fifth and sixth, and 35% for all others) Go one by one through each, take your time....no hurry. Please experiment with this and get to know yourself and your energy and your specific frequencies. Once you feel comfortable you will benefit from this technique. This can bring good health,stable mood.




Cleansing of the Chakras


Developing awareness will greatly depend on cleaning and removing blockages and dirt from your chakras. If done daily, the exercise will give you a great connection with yourself. It can effect your health, your grounding and your connections with others. Remembering the cone shape of the chakras, imagine the opening of the chakras to be round. Then imagine the the chakras open and close like a camera lense. I expect you to get to know your chakras enough to know the right percentage opening for you. I will give you guidelines to begin with. It will also be very important to know when to open and close your chakras. That way you are more atuned of your needs and pleasures. You can use earth or cosmic energy to clean and replenish any chakra. I find it good to use earth energy for the foot, first, second and third chakras. Now for your fourth, fifth, sixth seventh and hand chakras it would be useful to use golden cosmic energy. When ever you bring energy up your body, the grounding chakras, you utilize the front channels. When you bring your energy down into your system, the cosmic chakras, you utilize the back channels of your body. As anything else, ascending flows up and desending flows down. For the sixth and seventh just bring the energy straight in from above.




 Resting your awareness in the center of your head, breathe gently and deeply into your belly as you ground and own the room.

Clean and clear each chakra, one at a time, beginning with the feet, proceeding up the body to the crown, and lastly the hands. With your "psychic hands" gently open each chakra.

Clean each chakra with earth or cosmic energy as listed above. Release any old excess energy from each chakra. When done clearing and filling each chakra, close them down to the proper percentage. 80% for the fifth and sixth and 35% for all the others. Cut your grounding cord and create a new one. Run your earth and cosmic energy Check to make sure that you still are grounded and own the room.

When ready stand up, stretch, and reverse polarities. You will be surprised on how much this helps with the psychic mind. You cannot properly function psychically without cleansing. Good luck and inform me of your results.




Thank You Tania...for another excellent contribution....