The Energy Of Vampirism


Vampirism first exists in the abilities that are present. Vampires generally have heightened sensory abilities that other people find are absent. These are present in the psychic and empathic abilities to perceive and manipulate the mental and emotional energies of others who are susceptible to it. It is inherent in the ability to perceive this energy around people as energy fields, auras, and interactions. Vampirism can be first understood in this difference in abilities. As for the attraction of the blood energy and the protein and elemental properties of blood, vampires have an ability to tap the properties of blood unlike other people. We know that blood naturally makes people sick just by it's properties if ingested too much, but we as vampires who take blood do not require much of it.


    Vampirism is a conscious mental ability and then need that arises out of a deficit in energy. vampires thru this awareness and need are natural energy feeders and find the need to take this energy and so seek it. vampires normally easily take the mental and emotional energy of others thru their own manipulation of it and then use this energy for where it is best needed within. Here one normally possesses some psychic and empathic ability that comes with the heightened sensory ability that many do not have. Vampires learn to use their abilities once there is a realization of them and the energy need. Whereas we easily are able to blend in well without detection, we sense the energy of others that other people do not "see".


    The attraction of the blood energy and elements is more difficult to understand. Some have experienced accidental cuts or other exposure and find an attraction to the properties of blood for energy. Some vampires find that with blood one could use whatever is present in it to gain the energy lift that was desired, but then most do not need much of it for their satisfaction. Most have found that others have a lower threshold to ingest it. I think it is easy to get use to the energy and elemental properties of blood, for vampires do not need to ingest much for their needs.


    It is important to understand that vampirism is highly dependent on abilities of sensory perception and awareness, which so many do not have. It also depends on balance, for too much of this mental and blood energy overturn's this balance. Vampirism is not something one learns to do, it is discovered and those become aware of it thru discovery of sensory abilities and the need to use them. These energy feedings came natural for most but then as in all things one learns to use abilities. Vampirism is not just given to someone, it comes from the abilities and then needs that are largely a part of what you develop and then learn to use..


Vampirism: Energy Problems


    Many of us have gone far on our path and in our search for ourselves and yet we have so much we can gain. We can be ourselves and free to speak about ourselves. We know we will not always agree with others but we know we can choose to agree to accept this diversity and fate. I ask you here to think about what makes you who you are. How do you react to the energy you are bombarded with in your typical day with other people.       


    We all have demands on us and challenges in our lives. We face them everyday, and yet manage to make the next day. I find there is so little time for too much of it must go to surviving in this life. We are so many to be able to reach beyond the miles to others here with the touch of a keyboard. That is our enrichment after being around so many in a day who do not understand us and do not see how well we understand so many unlike us. And yet we must continue to reach out to those who truly want to know. I know I absorb the positive and negative emotions of so many and then must sift it all in my own mind, knowing why I have the headaches and depression I sometime experience.


    I have been on the road of late and have met and spoken to many souls, some whom have given me nothing but their disbelief and anger, but many whom have ask to learn more. As a psychic and empathic vampire, it can be more energy than I want. I want to ask all here to think about how are you affected by the energies of others in your typical day. And think about how have you learned to process that energy as the day ends. For most of us as vampires here, this has a big impact on our lives and I wish to learn more of how you are able to wade thru it and how you are affected by those around you during your day.


    The impact on me is great from experiencing the mundane and boring to the anger and rage of others. Sometimes it becomes an energy overload. I look to whatever solitude I can find later to manage that energy and then come here to enrich myself of like experiences from others here on the internet. For many it is this energy of those around you that affects you most greatly. Most of us are very perceptive in our psychic abilities to receive and absorb the emotions of those around us. It is how we manage it and process it that will decide much of our mental health.


In the faith..


Damien Delano Daville




Psychic Vampires


I am a well developed psychic and empathic vampire. I have gone this path for nearly 30 years due to a lack of reliable pranic donors for blood vampirism. Psychic vampirism is a less reliable energy source as it is less dense and more chaotic then the pranic sources of blood and sex. It is also more difficult to develop and control. In short, one uses abilities to recognize the mental and emotional energies of other people and to then benefit from the "absorption" of these energies. It takes more of the psychic energies to fulfill the energy needs as apposed to the pranic sources. Psychic energy may be picked up from the words of another as well as the emotional energy present. Some psychic vampires can also perceive the energy "halos" around other people and so can sense the level of energy present. All people give all this energy around you, it is just most people do not "see" it enough to be able to benefit from it for health. The psychic vampire differs from just a "psychic" in that in psychic vampirism there is a need for this energy for health just as in any vampirism.


    The empathic vampire has a natural ability. An empath easily "absorbs" the emotions of others and so experiences those emotions when displayed nearby. This entails sensing both negative based emotions such as depression and forms of anger and positive emotions such as in laughter and joy. So what effects the vampire here are both positive and negative effecting emotions. With the ability of being an empath, a skilled vamp can psychically "draw" upon the energy of the emotions thus experienced from these people. One must however learn how to dispose of unwanted emotional energy in favor of the positive emotional energy. This will take time in learning how to shield oneself against the negative emotions and also to dispel that energy. As in any shielding, you know that there is methodology in this process using focusing and imaginative skills. So what may work well for one may not work so well for another.


    Once shielding skills are well developed and the ability is acquired to separate out that emotional energy that is desired, can psychic feeding off of emotional energy be successful. As are all souls, vamps are bombarded by emotional energy constantly when around other people, it is the vamp who is sensitive to that energy and so becomes it. This is what truly separates empathic vamps from ordinary people, i.e.. the ability to readily absorb any emotional energy nearby. So with the positive comes the negative and the "pain". It is the well skilled vamp that can shield the pain of negative emotions so to avoid them. This of course does not mean some of this energy will get thru. I as a well developed empathic vamp feel the pain of negative emotional energy every day when around other people, but it is kept at a minimum with my shielding ability. Now getting back to feeding. Emotional energy is perhaps one of the more intensive psychic feeding sources along with maybe elemental sources from storms or some other earth energy.


    I have been quite able for many years to feed well on both as a psychic vampire and stay my health well. There is a balance here as in all things. I have learned over many years how to keep that balance without extremes. That has taken many years to develop. A successful psychic feeder is rare, simply because the energy sources are less dense than the pranic and larger amounts are needed both in quality and quantity. Every day/night I psy feed off people and my environment as one who has learned to use a developed ability to acquire this energy, and as one who has learned what part of this energy I benefit from and how to use this energy for that benefit. Psychic vampirism is much more difficult to develop and use for these reasons. I had the ability as a teen and saw it, and then knew to learn to use it. Three decades later, I feed well with it. let me know if you have any further questions..



    Before I leave for the eve to seek the city lights some few miles away, I want to share more with you of myself and psychic vampirism.. Many of you know of the scourge of this earth in the virus AIDS.. I remember in the 1960s and 1970s when such was not a concern of mine, and many others whose pranic vampirism was a well met source of such great health and strength.. To have a regular donor was an often occurrence and I and many drank often from this well, where I had no reason to defer to my psychic abilities, skills not so focused and used.. Now that the decades have come and gone, so has my trust gone for this delicious pranic source and so have I come to know the great strength and power I have found in my psychic vampirism...


    The Vampire is a complex soul, yes a soul where certain qualities may be recognized. There are those who draw their strength or energy from the blood of others, And there are also those who derive their energy from their psychic abilities, the ability to "see" auras and read the motivation of others, and the ability to absorb emotional energy.


    I was a blood and psychic feeding vampire and rather enjoyed the experiences of both for I derived much of my strength and energy from the taking of it from those who would so freely give. In the sense that so many years are needed to perfect a method where as the victim(s) have no knowledge that they are indeed a victim. As to the length of the emotional high, the duration depends on the size of the meal. In small doses, as I have come to know is true with blood, there is a limit on quantity that is needed. But a psychic vampire, well developed, has a unique advantage over a blood vamp in that they can feed on an unlimited supply of this diverse energy at one sitting, despite it's short term lasting power..


    Some vampires who claim to be psychic vamps, use their mind and body energies to manipulate the life energy they absorb to a purpose. This often includes controlling humans (in a non harmful way), reading minds, and generally getting what they want from life. Most vampires can in time develop such abilities, so they could all be classed as psychic vamps as few actually drink blood and even they psionically absorb the life force within the blood. Psychic vamps become a little more energized by draining/contact, but they experience none of what I have found in the benefits of the blood.


    One does not readily see physical enhancements occurring in psychic vamps. Merely an overall rush and/or mental/emotional enhancement. I have experienced pranic and psychic vampirism being in the same person. That is to say - one person being both. This is more of what I perceive the real vampire as being. One who gets an emotional rush, able to drain will/emotion, manipulate a subject and drink from a subject to glean the enhancements that the blood brings.


    I still think that while there are emotional and other mental highs associated with psychic vampirism, I have had to learn a manner of sustaining life and enhancing physicality with psychic vampirism. There may indeed be something more non-corporeal involved. I have found that there are life-sustaining and physical-enhancing properties to purely psychic-vampirism. I have found that psychic vamps are energy/emotion drainers, also manipulators. While they do not seem to be a vampire in the traditional sense, they do exhibit vampiric behavior only inasmuch as to take sustenance from another. As a matter of fact some psychic vamps actually manipulate situations so that the emotional high can be sustained and/or brought on so that they will have something to feed off.


    I am not a predator among predators of the night and the day who consume their victims for i want to enjoy them as well as be nourished by them in life without harm.. my aim are the humans i find and the nightlife and earth which abounds.. for there is a strong bond in my psychic feeding with others and the earth...I live for the moment I have and then the next.. There are only the meals before me as I contemplate their next moment.. I bid all a good eve..

Carpe intemptestata nox..

Damien Delano Daville


Psy Vamps and Real Vamps


Some vampires who claim to be psy-vamps, use their mind and body energies to manipulate the life energy they absorb to a purpose. This often includes controlling humans and, reading minds, and generally getting what they want out of life. Most vampires can do these things, so they could all be classed as psy-vamps as few actually drink blood and even they seem to psionically absorb the life force within the blood. Psy-vamps seem to become a little more energized by draining/contact, but they experience none of the benefits of the blood.


    Physical enhancements do not occur in psy-vamps. Merely an overall rush and/or emotional enhancement. True there are generally exceptions to the rule, but I haven't found them yet. I have found them and psy vamps being in the same person. That is to say - one person being both. This is more what I perceive the 'real' vampire as being. One who gets an emotional rush, able to drain will/emotion, manipulate a subject and drink from a subject to glean the enhancements that the blood brings.


    I still think that while there are emotional and perhaps other mental highs associated with the psy-vamp, I am trying to see a manner of sustaining life and enhancing physicality with psy-vampirism. There may indeed be something more non-corporeal involved - another elusive fact I suspect. I would be interested to note if there are any life-sustaining or physical-enhancing properties to purely psy-vampirism. I have found that psy-vamps are energy/emotion drainers. Also manipulators. Whilst they are not so much a vampire in the traditional sense, they do exhibit vampiric behavior only in as much as to take 'sustenance' from another. As a matter of fact some psy-vamps actually manipulate situations so that the emotional high can be sustained and/or brought on so that they will have something to feed off.

Psy and Blood Vampirism


Blood vampirism or what I like calling pranic vampirism provides a dense energy feed. One usually only needs small amounts of the donor's blood (maybe an ounce or more) depending on your energy needs. It is important to note that vampirism is both need based and ability based. In blood vampirism, there is an ability to use the life giving energy of blood and a need for it's dense energy concentration. The problem with many is finding safe donors. I recommend care in blood feeding and blood play. Use a sterile and stainless razor blade or lancet device and some type of anti-infectant such as peroxide after the fact. I do not recommend using teeth to puncture the skin. This can be dangerous for direct contact of one's mouth with the inside blood of the skin.


    One should also keep in mind that blood is a natural emetic and will cause one to vomit if ingested too much and if one is both not use to blood feeding or has never drank blood. The attributes of blood are that it provides a dense form of the "life" energy and so can do so in small amounts at a time. The problems that arises is finding safe donors and practicing safe blood feeding. Care is an important concern. Just about all with true vampirism have some psychic vampirism but not as many are true need based blood feeders.


    Psychic vampirism encompasses the abilities to "absorb" empathic or psychic energy from others nearby. Most true vampires have some ability to do this. There are some who have empathic ability (and I have met many with this) who can successfully absorb the emotional energy of others. This is a double edge sword however and so results in taking both positive and negative emotional energy. The well developed vamp however can dispose of the negative unwanted emotions in preference for wanted emotions of love and enjoyment. There is much diversity here however in the kinds of wanted emotional energy. Many are quite successful in absorbing or the taking of psychic energies in the mentality of other people and this can occur in the verbal and physical energies one receives from the exchange between those around you. In being sociable.. can one easily feed on the mental auras and verbally of those immediately around you.


    Psychic vampirism however is not as reliable an energy source like the pranic sources of blood and sexual energies. There is more space for a lesser energy exchange with psychic vampirism. That in turn requires more of this energy for a successful feed. The energy is more elusive and requires good ability to assimilate and use it. But for those without the benefit of a safe donor for blood vampirism, psychic vampirism is a good alternative that allows one to keep well fed. It does require the presence of people around you. I take some days and spend them alone and with other days take the time for the nightlife of clubs and parties or even music shows and concerts where the psychic energy is usually more plentiful. Some energy can be had thru elemental sources such as storms and other weather phenomenon. This can be useful if the psychic vamp can tie into it.


    Combining both pranic and psychic sources make for the best energy feeds. This is not always possible but is a goal for true vamps. Everyone is different in ability and need, but one must make the best use of what is available around you. In vampirism, the ability to multi source contributes to greatest wellness. For it is this lack of our feeds that contribute to our headaches and depression and the emotional and mental trauma we know too well in this life..


 In the faith..


Damien Delano Daville


Vampirism: About the Subject of Feeding


This has been a topic brought up by me before but it is always a good subject anytime because of it's importance to any vamp's life. I am a 44 year old vamp and knew of my bloodlust as a child when I would hide in the closet and feed upon my self. My empathic abilities and desire to psy feed came later as a teen. During most of my adult life as an energy feeder, I have been a blood/psychic vamp and found that I quenched my thirst with a some blood energy feeds a week, but found myself unconsciously psy feeding all the time on the emotional and mental energy of anyone around my space.


Then came the time I found that combining my feeding during sex became the ultimate energy feed for me, and then I sent out for this in my hunts all the time. I realized that I was living for those moments and nothing more. My energy needs were well met as long as I sensed a worthy partner whom freely gave me this ultimate feed. There would be dining in a club with free flowing convo where I could begin my energy feed and this would be followed later by the blood feed with sex. I lived for this ultimate energy need for many years always living alone and thus kept my strength most of the time, usually falling back on psy feeding when the other was not available to me. And I would say that this is what sustained me over some difficult times when my energy level was low.


Now, I have one regular donor whom I feed from, from a couple times a week to several times, depending on when she is available to me. I do not feed on the blood energy much anyone, finding that my psy abilities/feeding with sexual energy provide me enough energy I need for my strength. I am pleased about this arrangement as this donor is quite committed to me and I do not need to hunt as I once did. Maybe it is now my age but then most souls grow with time and therefore change. I believe I have been fortunate most of my life since I was old enough to know of the bloodlust as a child. I knew I was born a vamp and so knew of my destiny early. I still live alone and would not have it any other way.


As for the times I have found myself unable to feed, my life suffered from lethargy and low energy levels. I can even recall times I did not even get out of bed. There have been many years since then, but I remember quite clearly the emotional and energy drain. As for the moon, I get an energy boast from the monthly full moon and I always look forward to this time.