A long time ago into the Past ,answers to history of mythical stories and explanations had been offered . A theory states that supposed vampires may have been suffering from a rare hereditary blood disease known as Porphyria.

Porphyria is characterized by the inability of the body to produce heme,a component of hemoglobin,which is a major component of red blood.

In todays world there is treatment for it.

What people saw back then may have lead them into believing in vampires because of this disease.

porphyria sufferers would have horrible symptoms ,,such as Sensitivity to sunlight,which can cause sores and scars on the skin.

They can also appear to be excessively hairy, and the fingers and nose would sometimes even fall off.

The gums may become tighten and the lips,making the teeth appeaer fang like . People with Porphyria would only come out at night.

In the past some people with Porphria would go as far as looking for blood from unlucky animals or anything that got in the way ,because of the need of the blood and the pain they would fill if they didn’t get any.

Porphyria is hereditary. In the past hundreds of years ago when travel was less common and inbreeding was more common,the fact of heredity played a bigger role.

Members of a community might as fell have figured a wrongfull belief in the transmission of vampirism,from one person to another .

Due to the lack of education , And the fact about galic,which stimulates heme production in a healthy person ,and in a person with Porphria garlic has a chemical that worsens the painfull symptoms of Porphyria.

So by this I can see why people would swear they say a vampire or werewolf, Because the illness would appear as if one was a vampire and so on. This is a interesting subject and I’ll look into more about it soon ,then add eney new info I get on it.

written by Dunya©may1999



Catalepsy is like being in a suspended animation. It's a term applied to a nervous affection characterized by the sudden suspension of sensation and volition, accompanied with a peculiar rigidity of the whole or of certain muscles of the body. The subjects of catalepsy are in most instances females of highly nervous temperament. The exciting cause of an attack is usually mental emotion operating either suddenly, as in the case of a fright, or more gradually in the way of prolonged depression.


The symptoms presented vary in different cases, and even in the same individual indifferent attacks. Sometimes the typical features of the disease are exhibited in a state of complete insensibility, together with a statue-like appearance of the body which will retain any attitude it may be made to assume during the continuance of the attack. In this condition the whole organic and vital functions appear to be reduced to the lowest possible limit consistent with life, and to such a degree as to simulate actual death. At other times considerable mental excitement will accompany the cataleptic symptoms, and the patient will sing or utter passionate exclamations during the fit, being all the while quite unconscious.


The attack may be of short duration, passing off within a few minutes. It may, however, last for many hours, and in some rare instances persist for several days; and it is conceivable that in such cases the appearances presented might be mistaken for real death, as is alleged to have occasionally happened. Which is related to premature burials some centuries ago.


Myths of :

Zombies returning from the grave. Before modern medical science, it was harder to tell if someone was truly deceased. Listening to the chest, checking for a pulse or the old technique of holding a mirror to the nose, sometimes missed faint signs of life. People in comas or the rare state of catalepsy Such incidents were the likely source of tales of the reanimation of the dead. There was the real chance of burial alive, and escape from a shallow grave might not be impossible, bringing forth the appearance of a zombie.


When it finally occurred to people in the 19th century that some people might get buried alive, there were a series of mechanisms invented to allow the accidentally buried to either free themselves or notify someone of their plight. Fear of being the victim of such a burial led to the fictional tales like those of Edgar Allen Poe. It also led to laws in most states that required every body to be embalmed. The embalmed do not come back.




Vampiric Prophesies




 In many societies there are prophecies foretelling the time of the last great battle of good against evil. The Vampires have such a legend as well, here are a few of the Prophecies which foretell a time of ending, which begins this, the last war of good against evil, to take place in the modern-day world of the viral vampire.


And now here are only a few of the prophecies that foretell this time of ending and beginning. The words are taken from Paladin as said to her by Azraeyel and also taken from other verbal Vampiric Sources.



And there grows near the foretold time.


A time when the truth breaks forth, like a chicken from it's shell, at the moment of birth, into the world. The truth is upon the wind and the wind becomes a gale.


Once set free, the truth travels and releases the knowledge. And there shall be those on both sides who do not wish the truth known. And yet shall it become known to all.


On that day, shall human turn against human, vampire against his own kind and brother shall slay brother and friend shall kill his friend ... in the name of truth.


The he shall have been the first, but his truth shall go unheeded, and the children shall betray him.


One of his own shall bring forth the tempest.


And the child shall lead and so shall he become the first and be the last.


In the end, there shall be only two kinds of humans: those who believe and understand, and those who fear.


The truth is upon the wind, and the wind becomes a gale, and shall blow across the land to devastate all within its path.


The wind shall blow ill. And so doth the time of ending become a plague upon all the land.


The messenger rides forth alone.


The wall of stone is false and 'tis but made of clay which shattered as the balance is shattered.


They who speak this truth are the first to die.


The Messenger carries forth the divine truth unto the masses.


The death is accomplished by the hand of evil which is mistaken for the Sword of Right.


But though the lips are silent, the heart screams and the words rise as the Phoenix to herald the end of the beginning.


As the storm grows more ponderous, THEY shall hear the windsong.


And what was fantastic will be reality, and reality shall be proven.


He who is the first, he who is the last, shall know the truth.


And as they do, so shall all, and the tempest subsides leaving only the destruction, a memory ... the voices an echo, and the truth evident.


And Brother kills his Brother, and Friend lies to Friend. and loves are lost as friendships die, the Wind blows Cold.


The Silent Battle rages the Balance is no more and yet doth the end come slowly ... with promise of renewed Light.



As with humans there is, and has been for centuries, a foretelling of a time of ENDING; a time of a great and awful war which would put an end to things as we know them. A war that would tear families apart, that would turn friend against friend and bring destruction, devastation and death in its wake.


This was/is not exactly religious in nature, but there are parallels. And, as with the Second Coming and the Armageddon, this Ending Time has its own legends and prophecies.


These legends are known mostly only to the vampires and those close to them. But the rumors of such a time have endured for centuries, told by word of mouth from one to the other.


There are several groups of vampires, and those who have an interest in them, who have very similar prophecies. A word or two different, a piece of information missing or added to the puzzle.


But they all agree the battle, as with humanity and Christians, will be a battle of great good over great evil. A fight on a planetary scale to include both humans and vampires.


No more secret, no more underground; no longer limited to just the vampire communities. But most public and encompassing all mankind and all vampirekind.


The battle is to be for balance, protection and survival.


In today's world, there are many different vampire groups and communities; they all belong to a loosely associated organization. An alliance of sorts, which basically keeps the peace. The alliance members are world wide; they abide by an ancient treaty, a treaty with many sections governing such things as conduct, relationships with humans, territorial ties and disputes, political and environmental issues. Laws and rules by which all are governed.


This treaty is ratified and added to, ever so often in large meetings held in Europe, Asia and the Orient, and yes, here in America as well. Those who run the world and govern themselves and others have their own political structure and substructure.


You could compare it to a senate made up of many different councils, committees and other formations which unified the members. All going their separate ways and breaking off into smaller groups. To help understand the treaty concept, think of the alliance and treaty as a whole country, such as the United States, and think of the councils as the individual states, all unified for a common good. Unified to form a uniform policing force and laws that govern and benefit all.


Now think of each member state as an individual, different in modes of conduct. Just as we all are. But in this case, the German, French, American and Asian members all differ within their own location as well ... that way being unified as a member of the treaty, these organizations differ greatly in political beliefs and what they consider to be lawful.


Then, as in America, there is a comparison of the old beliefs, rules and laws, with the new and modern; the natural separation of the very young, the middle aged and the old. But with vampires, the age differences are greater. But young and old are not restricted to age but the length of time one has been a vampire, and which kind of vampire.


In this world, old could mean 800 years and young could mean newly transformed only a day or a week. A Classical vampire may be a week old, even though the "actual" age of that newly transformed Classical could be over 50 years old or barely 18 years old. Membership in the treaty originally, and the councils and committees which ran them, is what (in part) had kept the balance.


As with vampires everywhere, many disagree.


Some feel that humans should be shunned and will have no part in human affairs, others cherish human friendships. Some feel humans are cattle and nothing more. Whereby, there are vampires who feel humans are going to be the surviving animals and, as such, are responsible for the safety of the planet.


Other vampires feel THEY are the highest life forms and humans are not necessary and should be gotten rid of by any means possible. Then there are the vampire rouges, the independents who also adhere to the treaty. The treaty keeps the balance ... as well as the balance of nature, between man and nature; between man and vampire, and most important, the balance of good and evil in both the worlds of humans and vampires.


There is a series of people who govern this treaty ... although the title seems religious, it is not so, not in the same sense as in Judeo-Christian systems ... included in this maze of interlocking different issues is also that of magick ... the old and the ancient, things you have no idea exist ... things of physical and psychic natures ... also dependent on the balance of the cosmos and the universe.


Just as good and evil and life and death are all balance and discipline, so is the treaty dependent on balance ...


For centuries there have been rumor's of this Ending Time. A time when the treaty would be no more ... when the old proven ways would no longer be followed. A time when the balance was disturbed and this would begin before the Christian Armageddon.


It would at first begin with only vampires but would soon spread to their human associates, then to all mankind. A war unlike any other which would prove the existence of vampires to the world. There are many truths involved here and a few more important than all the rest.


Vampires have always been safe because of the myths. As long as the myths were believed, the actual vampire remains safe and able to function freely amid the disbelief of mankind. They are safe because they are uniformly not believed in by the masses. But the truth about vampires, by its very definition, will change the balance of nature.


Will humans want the benefits?


The longer life span, the more years of health and strength and beautiful appearance?


Would they feel the real vampire was a threat due to his strength, psychic abilities, longer work history which permits him to gain greater education and wealth?


Would that be considered a threat?


So many issues, so many reasons for the truth to be hidden?


But a few major reasons for the truth to be told. This major reason ... Death to humans on a massive scale from ... err ... lets call it natural causes.


If one can consider AIDS a natural cause, that is. Deaths of millions of humans over the next 75 to 100 years. That death would also disturb the balance of nature.


What happens to the planet and the vampires if the humans die? Some vampires feel it is natural selection ... just let it happen. But others feel, "No, humans must survive. It is necessary to the survival of the planet."


Now, just suppose that the vampires could insure the humans' survival, but in so doing perhaps end their own existence. This would cause a rift in the vampire communities with some saying, "Let them die. They caused it themselves. We can and will survive and so will the planet ... do nothing. Do not endanger us for them." But others feel humans can be saved but in so doing they would learn a new truth: that vampires exist. And once this is proven to them, the vampires will be at risk as they lose the safety of pure myth.


Humans have always feared what they do not know or understand, and they tend to destroy what they fear. The hatred for vampires is ingrained due to the myths and lies of religion. SO the struggle between the two factors begins; those who wish to keep the treaty, the balance, intact, those who wish to help humanity survive against those who do not.


Those who feel the time is for change, the new ideas over the old, the young and new over the old ways. A change. Let the stronger vampires prevail.


What could happen if this actually occurred?


If the treaty was disbanded, if the alliance fell apart?


The Civil War that would begin the "Ending Time."


Some vampires feel they could and should control the world governments by themselves instead of in the partnerships they now find themselves with humans counterparts. They do not wish any truth known ... especially that they exist. These factions would be pitted against those who disagree.


At first this war is confined to words, then actions only within the vampire communities. Later it would spill over into the human friendships then fully into the human communities.


He, who is venerated for maintaining the Old Ways, is called the Pope of Balance. But he is only one of many. He is an ancient; sort of a figurehead, one of the symbols of the treaty and what it stands for: peace, right, balance, life. He is a man of ancient honor who had taken vows to uphold this balance and more. He is, and has always been, a target and so too become any who ally with him. His family, his friends, his associates ... just in knowing him they are a part of a struggle not many even realize begins. In the end it is believed he will die sometime near the end of the war. He accepts this and is resigned to it. Some of us know our fate and know a truth ... it cannot be altered.


Just as the Christian time was foretold, accomplished and not able to be changed by any of its counterparts, so to is this Civil War predestined. Due to happenings during the past two years, such as the disturbances in California where several vampire groups began to openly argue about general policy and some even got into public fights ... then in late 1997 there was a hectic meeting in Germany where several members of the Inheritor hierarchy walked out of the meeting on ratifying the additions to the treaty. This was followed by a general walkout by the younger Classicals.


A while later, in Paris, a high ranking Inheritor was attacked and badly injured by a young Classical. Also during 1997 a Night-Timer who is responsible for a good quantity of the truth reaching the public was stalked, threatened and had property destroyed by vandals. This act of terrorism and destruction was seen as an attempt to prevent information, such as found in the Vampiric Studies Course on the web site and such as is taught in this class, from being given to the general public. Due to these and other happenings within the vampire communities it is believed that the time line toward the Ending Time has begun and forces are now in play leading to the inevitable.


It is important to note that this Ending Time which is the beginning of the Civil War will, in its earliest stages, appear to the human community as human "gang fights" but in actuality will be severe, ideological and territorial disputes which at first will be confined to the vampire communities. These disputes, however, will not be secret and will, in these early stages, be played out within a public background. The War of Balance which is the beginning of the Ending Time.


Update: Battles fought within the last two years (1998 - 2000) left Classicals in control to a minor degree. As to the balance of Classicals to Inheritors, there was never really one, now there is even less.



As ever,

Catherene / NightPoe

Health For a Vampire


I wish to speak about staying healthy as a vampire. All vampires are energy feeder's and it is this energy that keeps us well and strong. I know that I have easily experienced low levels of my energy within a day of no feeding. Feeling everything from lethargy to mental weakness, I know I stay motivated to replenish the energy loss I experience and to defend what I have against those who would take it. It is up to us to be motivated to maintain our energy levels at a place that keeps us strong and alert.


    All vamps are different in the kind and amount of the energy we are parasitic for. Most psychic vamps find that feeding from the mental and emotional energies of others is almost a daily experience. Blood feeders have the added boast of a more direct and dense kind of energy that is quickly satisfying and usually longer lasting. And the pranic and life energies such as that in sex are also quick to satisfy for some duration. As energy feeders we are constantly preying on that energy of others to replenish our levels, and combining energy sources has been known to bring the energy levels quickly back at that level that is unique to every vamp.


    Just as quickly as are energy needs are met, so is disposing of the excess energy that we do not need, for it is the right balance of this energy that we strive for. So in maintaining this energy fulfillment we must be aware of our needs and the presence of donors and energy sources that will keep ourselves as vamps in great health. Many of us have some abilities to successfully psy feed, to manipulate the mental and emotional prowess of others for our needs and benefit. And some have varying levels of empathic ability although amounts vary, to successfully probe and reach for that mental and emotional energy that keep us well. We as energy feeders are predators and so must use our available abilities to seek the energy we so need.


    Just as we seek the energy that we need, there will be some forces that will affect our abilities to receive it and defend it. I know that in my own experience, the more alcohol I consume, so will there be less ability to manipulate and focus on the behavior of those we prey on and thus affect our ability to successfully feed on the energies we seek. Some other factors I know which have an affect have been lack of sleep, the food we eat to the affect of the stages of the moon. We as vamps usually have keener senses and it is these senses that we so depend on that can be affected thus determining the success of our energy feeds as well as are ability to defend ourselves against the unwanted energy attacks of other vamps.


    As predators of the energy of the people around us, we must be aware of these things that can affect our abilities to take the energy we will need and defend that which we already have. For us to ensure our own health, we must be able to use our abilities and manipulate our environment for it is this energy level within us that we must maintain to keep the strength of this life. We are vampires and are like no other living things. We are unique.




Vampirism: Harming Others



There is a common misconception that vampires usually cause harm to their pranic and psychic donors. Many vampires learn quite well how to feed on the energy of others without any harm at all on those we take from. Yes we are predatory but that does not lead to a given that we must harm others to be who we are. In pranic vampirism, we take much energy from the blood and sexual interaction with others with their enjoyment as well. In psychic vampirism, one can learn to "control" how much psychic energy one takes for one's needs without in many instances the other person even knowing about it. Most of my psychic donors are never aware of this energy draining as most experienced vampires take minimal amounts of this energy at a time. And many psychic vampires are quite able to feed off the energy of the world, i.e.. weather events, the moon, and other earthly manifestations.


    I often fight the misconception that vampires harm those they feed from. There are some that do, but I would put them in a class of wanton recklessness over other people or unable and unwilling to control the feeding, and that is not what the true vampire is. It is the media and some secular religious zealots that continue to portray vampirism as an evil disease which willfully harms others. I and many know this is not our reality..


Vampirism; Misconceptions


The public has too long had misconceptions about Vampirism as well as Satanism. This obviously has arisen in large part by the film industry whose many films over several decades has convinced too many about this mythical conception of the vampire...where vampires are thought of as immortal souls who prey on other souls for blood with large fangs and whose blood makes others into this immortal creature...where "turned" and "embraced" have come to mean becoming the immortal blood seeking creature that the film industry has convinced so many to believe. Then there are those who say vampirism does not exist because they also have seen too many of the same films that have convinced them that such immortal blood feeders are what vampires are and so just cannot be. Fangs/teeth have nothing to do with vampirism. So acceptance of vampirism is found little within the public.


    Actually vampirism is alive and among you and around you. Vampires are simply energy feeders but of a different sort like no other. Some vamps do enjoy the blood energy of others, but blood is just another form of energy and does NOT "turn" or "embrace" others into vampirism. Vampirism is within a person and comes with a person, it is not just something that someone finds one day that is something desired. It is about abilities and needs for an energy source sensed and experienced more intensely than most. Many people "awaken" or come to realize at different times in their life that they have this vampirism. It usually occurs with no help from others and is independent of any influence of anyone. All vamps are like any other of the flesh and will certainly die of the flesh like any other. Here is where the main misconception of vampirism is found..


    Despite what the film industry would have all believe about the vampire not being able to be in daylight, all vamps are normally able to do so with just a minimum if any of some eye or skin irritation. Many just wear sunglasses and "cover up" to function fine in the sun. Vampirism is not affected by crosses or "holy water" or garlic and the other made up things so put out by the film industry. Just like most people, the true vampire is able to mingle quite well with everyone else with little or no problem, but most do find comfort in the nighttimes hours of the evening.


    Not all vamps seek out the blood energy, but many do. It only takes small amounts of blood to give the energy the vamp needs, for in reality ingesting too much blood will render anyone to sickness. But many vamps seek other forms of energy for fulfillment. Many seek out the psychic and empathic energy of other people. There are those who have some empathic ability to experience the emotions of others so intensely that it becomes an energy feeding, although this ability does vary. All people radiate energy thru body and verbal expression that a vampire can pick up very well and use such energy for self benefit. True vampires also pick up on the elemental energy of natural occurrences in weather and the moon for example for energy. More of this form of energy is usually needed for fulfillment than what is gained in the blood energy. Blood or pranic energy is more dense and fulfilling quicker whereas psychic energy usually takes longer to fulfill a vampire's needs.


    Those that consume successfully the emotional energy of others may be most successful with this among large groups of people such as at a music show or concert or large public events such as festivals. What is different for the vampire is that this energy is not only needed for health but it is experienced very intensely for most and so gives the energy needed. Intensity is a key ingredient in what vampirism is. Then there is the pranic or life energy that many vamps find thru the sexual contact of others and thru blood. Most vamps can combine many of these forms of energy to obtain the energy levels that they need. Vampires are energy feeders and parasites of the energies of others, whether it be pranic energy or psychic/empathic energy. Vampires prey on this energy of others for their own fulfillment as a need. That is what makes us different than others who may enjoy blood as just a fetish. This is what sets us apart. Vampires need to "feed" off this energy of others to be healthy and most do in some form daily.


    Vampirism is not governed by any specific religion, although many vamps have traditional religious convictions. Religion is not a necessity for vampirism but can exist alongside it. Religion and your belief system is a choice and vampirism is a life. As long as the film industry continues to produce the "mythical" vampire movies for all to see, these misconceptions will continue. Pictures of people with long fangs bombard us, but this is not true vampirism. Most true vampires do not need teeth/fangs. Through the greedy film industry's desire to "sell" it's product, real vampirism will suffer from this type of attention getting that the film industry so needs. It is up to those who like us know about their vampirism and live it, to fight the ridicule and romanticism that the film industry brings to vampirism. Vampires are usually intense lovers as the energy exchange for vampires is intense. We must also remember that there will also be those whose religious fanaticism would lead some to attempt to end the life of those whom they may believe is this mythical and evil creature that their "bibles" and the film industry would have them believe. Thus there is a balance between teaching others of true vampirism and the protection of self. This is where we as true vampires must join and work together to dispel the misconceptions of vampirism. I cover more about this subject in the links that follow..


Carpe intemptestata nox..

Damien Delano Daville


(some of which may be shared by Psy Vamps)


1. Diseases. Love you psy-vamps, but it's not like you're going to be contracting Hep C anytime soon by your feedings. At this point, Planned Parenthood becomes your best friend.

2. Maintaining donors. The term "never enough" seems to apply here, as it becomes a fixation to get more and more. And with the disease scares that there is, just how much can you get away with on feeding from one person? After a while they'd like to not have to explain to a coworker or mom that their "cat" is just really vicious.

3. Clean up. A vanity mirror, despite the contradiction this has towards the ever so popular "I have no reflection" myth, this little doohickey will save you many embarrassing moments of walking out wearing your previous meal. It should be a really clean process, but accidents happen; the donor might move, you might laugh or giggle. God knows it's a charming trait perhaps at a club or for a Halloween party, but when you're walking out of a dark room at someone's party with it on your cheek (You just have to wonder how this was accomplished, btw), having someone have to direct you to the bathroom is a bit belittling. Next they'll be handing you a bib. (I actually did this to someone once, giving him a bib that read, "Caution, I throw food.")

4. Secrecy. Kind of hard finding that balance between keeping it a secret and yet open enough to pull in new donors. This isn't exactly a redeemable social flaw in most circumstances. You don't tend to bounce back after your cover is blown very easily.

5. Clotting. To quote the conversation last night, "about ready to have her take a few aspirins before feeding. She's got this strange clotting thing going on where I'd feed and five minutes later there'd be this coagulated sheet of blood in my throat, that I'll be coughing to clear afterwards. Vampire "hair balls", my god. Of course I've never had this happen before, though prior all my donors except for one were male. Is this a female thing?" Good question. Is it?

6. Clothing. You wonder why it seems like most people into blood vampirism are also into that all black Goth thing. The white tee-shirts with little brown stains that seem to be multiplying will cause questions to be asked. It's not exactly the easiest habit on your clothing. Unless you're into wearing a poncho or something.

7. Masochists at S&M clubs. Run. Just run. If they find out, it's over for you. You will have a line around the block of people begging you to cut them and feed from them and half of them would sooner forge a health card than actually test themselves.

8. Doms at S&M clubs. Again, run. These people like to think they've seen everything, but you'd be surprised at just how many have never seen an actual bloodletting AND feeding. More masochists/subs than sadists/doms out there, and they got that buddy buddy/predator thing going on, where you're the cutest thing they've seen in a while...and the kinkiest.

9. Gypsies. For some reason they like to hang garlic everywhere and think you're a century or two older than you say you are. They stopped coming in altogether on Tuesday nights when we take over their bar for Near Dark.

10. Drugs and alcohol. You are what you eat. Your donor is everything they do. Vicarious alcohol and drugs, although it might be entertaining to someone else, might not be so funny for you. Or the individual you end up hurting when you decided it was a good idea to drink from someone tripping, tweaking, whatever. Of course, them tripping and you feeding on them is only asking to send them into a bad trip.

11. Vampires jokes. They're either stupid, really funny or embarrassing (because it happened to you or someone you know). Not like turning into a bat and ramming into a tree would be cause for more than a mild chuckle, although certainly slamming into a tree because your sonar location was off (sunglasses on at nighttime) might account for making it funnier. Rather, there's something just wrong about cracking a tampon tea joke and having someone else turn red because they tried it.

12. Role-players & Lifestylers. You either want to bitchslap them or...bitchslap them. They either A. think they're all that and put on such a vampiric display that they're the ones getting all the would be donors coming at them. Only to later disillusion them when they realize these "vampires" are only RPers in the first place. So you coming up later on over such matters, in more "mundane" dress, gets them rolling their eyes and doing a hand gesture surprisingly familiar; a cross between rock/paper/scissors and the ever so popular "jack off". B. Casual comments on vampyric common sense somehow turns them into the talking encyclopedia where they lecture you on "vampyric lore and laws and character sheets" and all the wonderful exceptions if the dice fall just right. Again you want to bitchslap them. C. The fangs. The absurdity alone. But secretly inside you know that although you'd never use them for favor the far more convenient lancets and razors, you have that inferiority "little fang" complex going on. And you hate them for it. (Another quote, "Something about being called a "flat tooth" really pisses you off and you either can swallow it or go "oh yeah" and completely blow your cover. Lee press on vampires. ::with a flip of the wrist and valley girl laugh:: Regular, or glamour length? Oh they just piss me off sometimes.")

13. Hunger. What you start sectioning off a person and bleeding them one by one using all known methods with one hand, two hand, various instruments, all in your head, you're unsure whether you should lock yourself up till you calm down or quickly take care of the problem. Catch 22 as you might react adversely to either situation.

14. Vampire Fan Clubs. Following the precedent held by the Germans back when they weren't so nice, you wonder how difficult it would be to acquire or brew up some Zyclone B for the next meeting.

15. Vampire Organizations. Everyone and their mother is the 17 year old Elder or the Alabama ex attorney Uber Master High Priest God AmonRa Elder. And half the time they have no practical experience or common sense and your head sort of tilts when they begin blithering their "in the beginnings" and spouting their latest astral conquest over the demon watchtowers of Never Never land. Zyclone B again sounds like a really good idea whenever you see one of the three letter acronyms.

16. Authors & Script Writers. Polidori, Brite, Rice, Lumley, Johnson, Riccardo, Konstantinos and the script writers for Dark Shadows, Buffy and Angel, Forever Knight, Kindred, Los Boys, the Addiction. You hate them and you love them. Bad press, good press, misconceptions. All these can be positive and negative depending on how you use it. But you agree on one thing, the cheesy contacts and Neanderthal brows have got to go.

17. Supplies. Maintaining a well stocked supply of razors, lancets, antiseptic/alcohol swabs, gauze, tape, and for the more profession/educated/extreme types, IV kits and needles requires learning about all the local medical supply stores and rotating your shopping so they don't know you. Otherwise, if you're a small town vampire, you've got to come up with an excuse as to why you're constantly buying razors and exacto blades and so many band aids and bottles of rubbing alcohol with cotton swabs.

18. Supermarkets. No matter how casual you try and pull it off, standing in tinted glasses at your local supermarket at three in the morning, drooling over the meat section (or as some of my friends have done, lifting the liver containers and tilting them to see which has more blood in it), does not in any way, shape or form appear normal.



The Affects of Vampirism


It is important how we notice our differences in relation to everyone else in our world. This will help us understand how our vampirism affects us. We all have varying abilities that define our need for energy and to fill this energy deficiency. Most of us have some psychic ability to capture the psychic thought energy of others and some of us absorb the emotional energy of others. We may feel what another person feels and as empaths know how to sense the emotions of others. Then there is the ability to seek out the energy in blood play and other pranic sources of energy such as that in sex. We have abilities that enable us to seek and utilize these energy sources better than most people. These differences in ourselves help us understand the impact and effect of vampirism on ourselves and our lives and enable us to see how we differ from other people around us.


    We then are effected by our quest for this energy in others around us. Our success here will determine a big part of our health. If we must be in bright sunlight, we adjust by covering ourselves and wearing sun glasses if need be. If around large groups of people, we may or may not suffer from the excesses in energy and the negative types of thought and emotional energy. We are usually affected much more by our environments than other people. Our sensitivity to heat and cold is usually more pronounced. Some of us may even have sleep problems and many deal with headaches and depression. So being who we are does require us to adapt and make changes in our daily lives. And then we also survive like so many do. We work and pay our rents and bills like any other and that requires adjustments in our time.


    And then we also fight the public perception of us. What films say and show and what is written about us continues to misinform and create misconceptions about us in the public. This effects our relationships with other people forcing us to deal with hate and criticism. I encourage all to speak out to correct this film industry portrayal of ourselves. If you see it in print in the media, write the people printing The misinformation. If we do not attempt to educate those who do not know about us, then we are forever left with living with people who will never know what vampirism truly is. The more of us who seek to set the record straight, the more of them who will hear who we are.


    I believe it is worth the risk for we will continue to suffer from ridicule and misconception, and our gain is not only educating the misinformed about our vampirism but also understanding how to live with and adjust to who and what we are in relation to the rest of society..


In the faith..

Damien Delano Daville


The Mortal Vampire


What is a Mortal Vampire


    What, a mortal vampire is, is quite simple, we are individuals, whom are born with a energy deficiency. This deficiency, will manifest in two ways, that causes the vampire to want to set out and quell his/her hunger. This hunger, is due to lack of pranic energy, in which the vamp needs to function, on a semi normal energy level. There is nothing to be afraid of, most of us vampires, are sweet loving kind persons who , do what we must do.


    There are two types of vampires, among us, the thing that makes them the same is they all feel the hunger that nags them to abate it. the first one is i will speak on the sanguinarian vampire What the sanguinarian vampire is, is a vampire whom feeds from blood to obtain energy, we have donors who allow themselves to be cut and feed from , Donors can be a caring friend to someone who is in to self mutilations, and sort of them self will get off on having one drink of there blood, or the vampire, will use animal blood to help ease the pain. Many vampires, who are without donors will resort to this path to feed.


    The second type of vampire is the psychic vampire or psy vampire. This vampire does not have to drink blood to feed, instead this vampire, can draw energy straight from sources be it a person to a tree. This vampire is often undetected because he/she, doesn't know for the longest time that they they are feeding, they will go from tired to , hyper as a cat in matter of minutes, The psy vamp has many sub sections which i will go into at this moment:


A) pranic, one who will feed from the prana of large groups of persons,


B) elemental, one whom prefers to sip from tree, and flowers and nature its self.


C) sexual vampire, aka succubus/incubus a vampire whom likes to feed only during intimate situations


    These vampires the psy vamp can feed by touching one , due to the areas that charkas are set in the body, when placing open palmed areas of hand on to the hallow parts of body, and or touching areas you know that charkas are about.


    Another way Psy vamps will feed, is by proximity, meaning they will feed via site, harder to do but safer. feeding by proximity' is in essence, is sort of like breathing into you energies.


    Now, it is not uncommon to find vampires, who are both sanguinarian, and psy vamps both , I myself am, long story, maybe I will tell later on learning how to deal with that, at a later time. But a sanguine/psy is an individual whom will when a sanguine is unable to blood feed there body will go into a kick in mechanism that will cause psy feeding to take effect, so that the energy drawing is done and all seems to be ok.