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In 2000 Lilith's Realm was created thanks to friends who helped me make it  a great place for those who walk on the darker side of life.   Actually it is a potpourri of information for the novice as well as the advanced  occulist, vampire, witch etc etc...  I  was a mentor to many young vampires/ otherkins/ witches. I knew I needed a website so they all had a place to go and information  to help them on their journey because back in the day there were many websites that were sending a bad messages to our kind.   So a handful of the predominant  members in the community stepped in and helped, which is why you may recognized some of the article authors.   We all had and still have the same goal: to make sure everyone is healthy in mind, body and soul and has a better understanding of  who they are. 

Many years have gone by and  I have a new family and some new friends  that I am happy to say also are contributing to this site.   I had a great support team then and still do now...you all know who you are.....Thank you all....Love you!


About 5 years ago... I was forced to shut down Lilith's Realm and quite frankly that pissed off a lot of people including myself.  But those of you who know me had to know I wasn't gone forever....So like before, kick back,  relax and lose yourself in Lilith's Realm

I just can't seem to stop looking at this photo titled Snake Charmers

Borrowed from: http://michaeldemeng.blogspot.com/2009/09/daughters-of-lilith.html



    I have been a huge fan of  Spooks music for years. He is one of the very few who's tunes have   captured my soul. Let's put it this way: if there was a soundtrack to my life it would be his music. The song "Haunted Garden" embraced me. It is the sound of my dark self. His music is my muse, it inspires me to create as my true self. When I want to get lost in my world on those dark gloomy days I listen to Spookhaus.

He has created many tunes, click on the link below and listen. Trust me my darklings you will feel his tunes like they are your own....

Spookhaus Links

Official Website

Click play below and listen to "Haunted Garden" or as Spook nicknamed it  'Lilith's Song" It has a  dark, gloomy and yet melancholy sound  and it is my favorite! 

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