Amun, creator deity
Anubis, God of Embalming, Friend of the Dead, originally god of the dead 
The Aten, the embodiment of the morning Sun's rays brief
Apep, Serpent of the Underworld, enemy of Ra
Atum, a creator deity, and the setting sun 
Bast, Goddess of Cats
Bes, God-Demon of Protection, Childbirth and Entertainment 
Geb, God of the Earth
Hapy, God of the Nile and Fertility
Hathor, Goddess of Love and Music
Heget, Goddess of Childbirth
Horus, the falcon-headed god
Imhotep, God of wisdom, medicine and magic
Isis, Goddess of Magic
Khepry, the scarab beetle, the embodiment of the dawn
Khnum, a creator deity 
Maahes, god of war 
Ma'at, Concept of Truth, Balance and Order
Menhit, Goddess of war 
Mont, god of war 
Naunet, the primal waters
Neith, goddess of war, then great mother goddess 
Nephthys, mother of Anubis
Nut, goddess of heaven and the sky
Osiris, god of the underworld, fertility and agricultural
Ptah, a creator deity 
Ra, the sun, possible father of Anubis
Sekhmnet, goddess of war and battles 
Sobek, Crocodile God
Set, God of Storms, later became god of evil 
Tefnut, goddess of order, justice, time, Heaven, Hell and weather 
Thoth, god of the moon, drawing, writing, geometry, wisdom, medicine,
music, astronomy, and magic




An- God of the Heavens, leading Sumerian deity from Fourth Millennium B.C. until the city of Erech began to lose its power (c. 2500 B.C.) 

Enki - Lord of Water and Wisdom: Enki emits streams from his shoulders; he is the god who gave rulers their intelligence and who provided craftsmen with their skills. 

Enlil- God of Air and Storms, son of An and Ki: Enlil is credited with separating the heavens from earth and, therefore, described as the father of the gods, king of the universe, king of all lands. For about a thousand years after 2500 B.C., Enlil is supreme ruler of Sumerian pantheon of gods and guardian of the city of Nippur 

Ereshkigal- Goddess of Darkness, Gloom, and Death, sister of Inanna 

Inanna- Goddess of Love and War: Inanna stands beside her insignia, gateposts hung with streamers, and is present whenever life is conceived through love or ended in battle. 

Ki- Goddess of the Earth 

Lilith- thought of as the first wife of the Biblical Adam. The Burney Relief, of Sumerian or Assyrian origin and dating from c.1950BCE, was, until very recently, commonly thought to depict her. Many believe there to be a connection between Lilith and Inanna, Sumerian Goddess of war and sexual pleasure. 

Nammu- Goddess of the Primeval Sea, the mother who gave birth to heaven and earth. 

Ninhursag- Mother Earth, the source of all life: from Ninhursag came the birth of the planets; she is usually seen wearing a leafy crown and holding a branch to indicate fertility 

Utu- sun god who lights the world with rays issuing from his shoulders: Utu was also the god of justice and carved out justice with the many-toothed saw he carried with him.





Aphrodite - goddess of beauty, one of the twelve Olympians 
Apollo - god of poetry, music, the sun, an Olympian
Ares - god of war, an Olympian
Artemis - goddess of the hunt, an Olympian 
Athena - goddess of wisdom, defensive war, Athens- an Olympian 
Cronus - father of the first six Olympians, a Titan 
Demeter - goddess of the harvest, nature, often considered an Olympian
Dionysus - god of wine, took Hestia's place as an Olympian 
Eris - goddess of discord 
Eos - goddess of the dawn 
Gaia - primordial goddess of earth, mother of the Titans 
Hades - god of the underworld, often considered an Olympian 
Hebe - wife of Hercules
Hecate - goddess of witchcraft, crossroads 
Helios - god who drives of the sun 
Hephaestus - god of smiths, an Olympian 
Hera - chief goddess, goddess of marriage, an Olympian 
Hermes - messenger of the gods, an Olympian
Hestia - goddess of the hearth, gave up seat at Olympus to Dionysus 
Pan - god of shepherds
Persephone - daughter of Demeter, queen of the dead 
Poseidon - god of the sea, an Olympian 
Rhea - mother of the first six Olympians, a Titan 
Selene - goddess who drives the moon 
Uranus - primordial god of the heavens, father of the Titans 
Zeus - god of sky and air, chief Olympian